2013 Submissions

Parabolum New Wave Song
Ready Industrial Song
Lullaby for Madmen New Wave Song
Prelude Trance Song
Cold War Dubstep Song
My Heart is Stewing Dubstep Song
Reduction Dubstep Song
Logical Beat House Song
Sonic Theory House Song
Time is Fleeting Techno Song
In Retrospect Techno Song

2012 Submissions

Arid Soundscapes Ambient Song
Cry Wolf Industrial Song
Prelude #2 Classical Song
Piano Medley #1 Classical Song
Sol and Luna Techno Song
Twisted Illogical Techno Song
Train Ride Trance Song
Machine Kite Techno Song
Valence Trance Song
Lonely Sky Trance Song
Casa de la Luna Trance Song
The Ice Temple Trance Song
Destitution Blvd. Dubstep Song
Vivice Dubstep Song
Ulysium Trance Song
Dumpster Fries Dubstep Song